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I’m Alyona Vogelmann and I’m a portrait photographer. I think that everyone can be seen as a work of art…. And it’s not making people something they aren’t but rather revealing their essence and a beauty inside…

We women can be very hard on ourselves: we are not tall enough, we are not skinny enough… I hear from the most beautiful women: “Oh, I’m not photogenic, I don’t look good on pictures…” It’s understandable as our society in a way dictates what beauty is. But what I see is that women can be beautiful regardless of shape or age… It’s not about anybody’s idealism, it’s how we feel about ourselves.

I feel that it’s my job as a portrait photographer to make you feel beautiful and to give you something meaningful and timeless: the best pictures of yourself.

Everybody is unique and I have to understand what the most harmonious look for you. Sometimes it relates to certain era in fashion, sometimes it’s just a style. It could be something totally unexpected! I call it seeing a jewel in a woman. I believe that everyone has it inside, you just have to dig it out and let it shine.

My academic background in fine arts and fashion design, along with a degree in photography really helps me in this process. It’s like creating a piece of fine art where the center of the piece is a woman herself.

I love that moment when a woman comes to my studio to see the pictures of herself revealed for the first time… I see her face lighting up and at this moment I feel that I’ve given her a tangible validation of her beauty... It’s’ all about making the difference, right? So at this particular moment I feel that these pictures make a difference. I feel that they help women reconnect with themselves, help them see how beautiful they really are. It’s an extremely gratifying and powerful experience. Ultimately, this is why I do photography.

Let me help you reconnect with true self.
Or discover something new and unexpected.



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